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Peter Zumthor, Architect

The Kolumba Museum in Cologne was designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, and built in 2007 on the ruins of the Gothic church of St. Colomba.
The reamaining walls of St. Colomba, as well as the 'Madonna in Ruins' chapel built in 1950, have been integrated into the new buiilding.
The perforations on the walls of the museum allow natural light, and the sounda of the city, to penetrate the building, 
A 20th century sculpture by Lucio Fontana is exhibited in a small courtyard restaured from the remains of St. Columba              
A couple is examinining the ruins of St.Columba from the entrance to the 'Madona in Ruins' chapel, which is also a part of the museum complex.
Situated at the entrance of the museum, a garden allows visitors to collect their thoughts, and meditate in a zen-like environment.
Residents of Cologne come to the garden to relax and find a respite from the amenities of urban life.
Seventinth's century Madonna with a background of digital art. Objets d'art from past centuries are often exhibited side by side with contemporary artworks.
In this room, contemprary paintings are exhibited along with a Renaissance sculpture.
Artificial light is often combined or alternated with sunlight provided by large windows, and the perforations on the walls. 
Shadows and light alternate in the museum giving it an artful and ever changing look.
"The result is serene yet stimulating. In fact, so seamlessly executed is the whole that, at times, it's hard to separate the building and the art."                   (The Guardian, 11/2007)
Kolumba has been aptly termed  "a museum of contemplation in which there is an ongoing dialogue between past and present".  
(Sarah McFadden, Art in America)

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